Work with Me

Processing data should be easy
and uncomplicated

There are a few different ways to work with me:

Do-It-Yourself Courses

Go as fast or slow as you wish. Pick and choose the courses you want or need most or save money and buy a bundle. New courses are being added all the time. Take a peek at our learning site.

Learn as You Build

If you understand spreadsheets and/or databases, you may may want to work on your project while I guide you through the process. This is a favorite amongst my clients. Send me an email and let’s chat.

Have Me Build it For You

You haven’t the time or patience to build a solution? Contact me and let’s discuss having me build it for you.

Workshops and Classes

Periodically I run hands-on workshops in specific topics. Or, I can put together a custom workshop or class for your team based on the topics needed. Contact me to learn more.

Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.
~Eleanor Roosevelt