About Me

You should not be wasting time
chasing down your data

A little bit about me

I am an independent consultant and corporate and college instructor with over 20 years’ experience helping individuals and businesses save hours of work weekly and monthly by building solutions for their data.

I help my clients be more productive by either creating data analysis systems for them or by showing them how to use Excel and Access more efficiently and/or by automating their systems.

After spending several years in the military and in the corporate world I found myself on the receiving end of ‘burnout’. I realized I was spending more time working and less time enjoying my family and life. After much reflection, I made the decision to stop being a ‘type A personality’ and my motto became Live, Laugh, Love.

I decided life should be lived, not worked.

So, I took my military and corporate experience and started helping others save time and money by helping them be more competent with Microsoft Office products, especially Excel and Access. And, I haven’t looked back since!

When I’m not helping my clients, you can find me enjoying my family, sitting on my deck overlooking a lake or in a boat (or all of the above!). I enjoy outdoor activities, water sports, reading, and being with my family. And all things Excel and Access, of course!

Do what you feel in your heart to be right – for you’ll be criticized anyway.
~Eleanor Roosevelt