Vivian Says Solutions

Creating powerful solutions with
spreadsheets and databases that work for you

Do you work with data?

Do you struggle with finding the right solution for the data you’re tracking? There are 3 ways we can help.

Learn Excel and Access on your own

If you don’t understand these products and how they can work for you, you can take my DIY classes to start learning. (More classes are being offered all the time.)

Have someone help you build a solution

If you are somewhat proficient with these products and are confident your abilities to build a solution, send me an email to book a discovery call to find out how I can guide you through the process while you do the work.

Have someone build the solution for you

If there is no way, no how you want to learn how to build solutions or you are far too busy to do it yourself. I can do it for you! Simply send me an email to book a discovery call to find out how.

Also available are custom classes and workshops. Email me to find out more.

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It’s what you’re made of. Not the circumstances.